Friday, January 18, 2008

Top 10 Devils Right Hand

1. Dante Valentine: Dante or Danni is the main character and it's important to know who she is and what her personality is like. She is someone who can't let her gaurd down to any one, even Japh who has been with her for yaers and who has done an unimaginable amount of favors for her, they've just been through so much together. She was a Human who was converted to a hedaira, which is like have of a demon. She has been doing favors for the devil ever since she was converted. She was a hitman for Lucifer with Japh for yaers and her old partner Jace died because he killed him, but she still works for the devil for fear of her life. The thing that stuck out most to me about her was that everything that was done around her she had to ask herself and run through her head how it might be a plot against her.
2. Japhrimel: Japhrimel or Japh as everyone called him was Danni's Demon lover who would do anything for her and fights with her through every thing. He was somone who would do what he said and didn't beat around the bush, he would either say what he meant or say nothing at all. He would buy Danni presents to show her his love and every time the present was too nice she got pissy and suspicous of him. He left for a portion of the book to hell to meet the Devil and when he came backhe was a Fallen, which is a creature with the same abilities as a demon but has to protect someone with his life and he was assigned Dante. He was a very loyal worker of Lucifer and didn't want to brush him the wrong way knowing he could be killed by looking at him wrong. He was a very powerful Fallen with a back fire diamond aura and in battle it would get just huge showing his power and anger.
3. Lucifer: He was the devil as I assume you knew allready. He was the one who assigned hits out on Demons that were disobediant and/or trying to abolish him. He had immense power but couldn't track all of the Demons on his own with hell to run and all, but if one of the misbehaving Demons were to come to him it was no problem. He assigned Danni and Japh to go and assassinate four Demons who escaped the walls of hell without permission. (They didn't finish by the way)He was someone who no one could trust in fear of being poisoned or killed and most of his creatures knew this and obeyed him accordingly.
4. Effluvia
Main Entry: ef·flu·vi·um
Pronunciation: \e-ˈflü-vē-əm\
Variant(s): also ef·flu·via \-vē-ə\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural ef·flu·via also ef·flu·vi·ums
Etymology: Latin effluvium act of flowing out, from effluere
1: an invisible emanation; especially : an offensive exhalation or smell2: a by-product especially in the form of waste.
This was aword that I thought was cool and I had never herd it before reading it in this book. I thought it was just kind of a cool way to say something stinks.
5. One thing that was a key point in this book was that it's time frame was in the distant future. The things they used to get around were hover crafts and other sorts of things that hovored. They used plasme guns and other weapons of the such. All of these weired types of creatures that lived among paople that we just wouldn't be ready for in this age, yet they seemed acoustom to these "things."
6.HellHounds: These were one of the things that came up quite a few times and caused problems. They nearly killed Japh and Danni during the alley scene. They were a very large demon in the form of a dog or "hound."They were creatures that could be tamed to help you in your times of need unfortunately Danni Japh had controll of one. Japh seemed to know how to deal with them because he had to fight off two of them at once. I thought they were a pretty cool roothless obstacle-like creature of this book.
7. Imp: This was another creature that struck my attention. One almost killed Danni, exposing her to a poisonous liquid making her prone to death, but she got away and vomited the toxins from her system. Imps were a little goulish creature who more like a human than a Demon, but more like a Demon than a Hedaira, making it more diificult for Danni to kill this thing but she managed it once. They were a very stealthy and clever creature trying to trick it's enemy into battle, off guard, giving it the upper hand which is how is got Dante exposed to the toxin.
8. Tattoos: The tattoos were something that make it apparent to other Demons and of what the creature was. For example, Danni had a tattoo of a dragon that came to life in certain situations, like when she was battling Japh her tattoo was going crazy, twisting, turning, and glowing green making it obvious she was no human. I thought that was interesting when their tattoos started to behave differently with their actions.
9. Lucas Villalobos: This was ashadyt guy indeed. He would dissappear and pop up on Danni whenever you forgot about him pretty much. He was a well known hitman of Lucifer and he was hard to read. He had a white scarred face which kind of fit his profession in my head. He worked with Danni and Japh for a while but like I said he disappears, but he is a good character none the less.
Pronunciation: \-ənt\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin inhaerent-, inhaerens, present participle of inhaerēre
: involved in the constitution or essential character of something : belonging by nature or habit : intrinsic
— in·her·ent·ly adverb
I though this word meant something completely different, and it stood out to me as a word I can use on a regular basis. Nothing very great but it stuck with me.

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