Thursday, January 17, 2008

Post 5b. Devils Right Hand

She was attacked by her former lover and was scared of the fact that he was a "Fallen", it's like a domon but a little more controllable. He brought her to the ground and was mad that she had left their house inn the first place. When she explained the fire and imp and that she found lucas, who was helping har at the moment he settled. She was still frightened and wanted to know if there were any way she could be changed back to a human and he said no. After aruing for about an hour they settled down and went "to bed". In the morning he was allready out of bed and waiting for her to arise. They were both scepticle about the bracelett that the devil gave her. She said she thought it was from him and he said it wasn't and it might be a trap or just a compliment for working for him for so long.

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