Friday, January 18, 2008

Post 6b. Devils Right Hand

After they woke up and talked for a while they realized that they didn't know where Lucas was and they should be careful. Japh took danni to Mc kinly's, who was Japh's partner at the moment and they went to meet Vann to get weapons for the hunt ahead. Danni doesn't like the way Japh is controlling her. He says he has to protect her no matter what becuase he is her fallen, and that she has to do what he says. They get all heated up and start fighting and Japh asks why she is holding back, which pissed her off so she went all out. Even though he wall a fallen and she had no chance this was the biggest she has ever seen her aura and the flame on her sword. She put up a good fight and actually broke skin before him then he took out his daggers and got serious. by the end of this lond gragged out battle they were neck and neck, Danni had her sword under his chin abvle to kill him in one swift upward thrust. While she had him at the chin Japh had his daggers to both her right floating rib and her gut.

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