Friday, January 18, 2008

Post 7b. Devils Right Hand

After their little rumble they got the weapons from Vann and went to this spot where Vann had a tip some demon was going to be there. They got ready pretty early then when they gat there they waited for about a half an hour in this alleyway. Danni and Japh were on a building roof and then they saw what looked like four humans and two imps. Vann, Mckinley and Japh went into battle, Japh told danni not to move. This fight would've been easily won if it went through but from down the alley came a hellhound, which was a huge, dangerous "demon dog". Japh was struggling with it and the second imp injured Vann and he fled unable to help, leaving Mckinley with the leftover human and imp. The battle was almost won when another hellhound came running down the alley. long story short Japh took care of it and was mad at Danni for not running after the 2nd hellhound like he instructed. They made up and were glad they had won the amazingly close battle.

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