Thursday, December 6, 2007


Since I last responded Dante and Japh have made their way off the plane and into a werehouse where they are supposed to be escourted to hell. Instead lucifer and a couple of his fellow demons are allready there waiting for them. Lucifer says that he wants Dante to be his right hand and she is appualed becuase she is only half demon what could she possibly do for the devil himself. He told her that there has been four demons that have escaped from hell and while he is taking care of the others that she finds and captures the remaining four and bring them to hell. He also says that Japh is now free from protecting her, but he doesn't want to be because they are in love. Lucifer says it would be okay if he helps her afterall. Japh and Dante leave scared of what lies ahead not knowing what could happen trying to capture these renegade demons, and what they're capable of.


2 Vocab. Words:1. (p.73)Hegemony:n. preponderant influence or authority over others
2. (p.74)Inexorable:adj. not to be persuaded, moved, or stopped

Sentence Describing Theme
This book's theme is suspence, because all of this stuff just keeps popping up and you can't predict it, it's loaded with twists and powerfull actions.

Monday, December 3, 2007


This book so far has been about a girl named Dante Valentine. She is half human and half demon which makes her faster stronger and smarter than all humans. Her strenth is great, but would do her no good against Lucifer. She has a partner who is a full demon and his name is Japhrimel. He is a tall, golden skinned demon who wears a black Chinese-collared coat, he also had a twisting black-diamond flame aura, but you could only see it if you were a psion. (demon)
Japh lives with Dante and they are kind of "together" and he keeps getting her wild unamaginable gifts that just make her melt. They only have to sleep like once every three day and when they go to sleep Dante wakes up and Japh is gone. She starts to feel weak, her tattoo on her cheek starts to glow green and she is visited by a demon, then left unharmed not knowing what happened. Japh returns, she is mad at him for leaving her when she is sleeping because he's usually there when she wakes. Japh tells her that he was called upon by Lucifer and that they need to go see him. They go to this little town that I had mentioned in my 1st blog and they get on a plane. . .
. . . That's where I'm at.


2 Vocab. words: 1. Picturesquely:adj. Resembling a picture (p.55)
2. Apparition:N. an unusual or unexpected sight (p.47)

Figurative Language
"The town of Arreito has dosed in the middle of wheat fields and olives for centuries, drowsing in southern sun." The author is saying that the town has done nothing much to better themselves, and were just going on as they use to.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The sea inside

What is your general reaction and response to the film? What do you think of Ramon's request for assisted suicide, the court's response to him, and his eventual actions? What do you think of his friends who agreed to help him?

I thought it was a pretty emotional movie, with Ramon and Julia becoming sick and the family having to take care of them. I think anyone in his situation they would want the same fate. I also think it was wrong for the court to not let him do what he wanted with his own life. I think it was good that he finally got out of his never ending misery. I think his friends just wanted ihm to be happy and in that case it was okay to do what they did.

Compare and contrast The Sea Inside to The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. What similarities and differences do you notice? In your opinion, which was more powerful?

Well first off I'll point out the obvious, they both had a main character that was Quadriplegic. They both wanted to publish a book and had people help them do so. They both tought of themselves as worthless, or less of person. They were different in the way that Ramon could talk and move his head around.
I think the Diving Bell and the Butterfly was more powerful because the guy couldn't move at all and had kids and a wife that could never communicate and make memories with.

Refer to your notes on camera technique, camera angles, and camera movement. What scenes, in particular, do you remember where the film technique underscored meaning and added to the message the director was sending? Describe the shot, its significance, and its meaning in detail.

I remember the first scene when the camera went out the window onto the beach and down the coast, i think the director was trying to send a message of peace and pleasure. When they did an extreme close up of Ramon in his bed for seriousness. There was also firehosing at one point to show anger. Slow truck of Julia for emotion.

Monday, October 15, 2007

sec 4 (new book)

Tuesdays With Morrie
"Do I wither up and disappear, or do I make the best of my time left?"
I think this is pretty deep the way Morrie is just making the best of his time left, not even letting his unstopable painful death faze him what so ever. He just keeps his chin up and cheers his friends up, with his happy personality.

Monday, October 8, 2007

TDBATB Reflection Homework

Jesse Smasal

I didn't really like the book in all honesty. It was written very well but all the random day dreams and stories just didn’t do it for me. I think it is great people helped him get all of his thoughts on paper, having locked-in-syndrome and all. I do feel bad for his kids and how they had to see him like that, and also him seeing his kids and not being able to be their “father.” I feel the same grief for his wife in all the same ways as his kids. I mean she can never really love him with him loving her back. He might love her back but I’m saying they can’t express their love to each other like a normal family should be able to. I liked symbolism of his locked in syndrome, with the diving bell and the butterfly, I thought that was pretty cool. In conclusion I thought the book was written well and had great meaning, but it just wasn’t the kind of book I would read out of school.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

week 3 sec 1

Honestly I don't think you want me sumerizing some of the things in this section just becuase it's down right nasty. Any way, I'll do what's appropriate. Agusten and his siter Natilie were sitting in the kitchen both having just a terrible day. They decide the cieling is too small and take all night tearing it down. In the morning Mr. F isn't even very mad as long as they fix it up. So he agrees to give them 200 dollars. They make another hole in the roof for a window and demand 150 extra dollars and get 50. They figure they really don't need that much any way and will spend their surplus on beer and cigarettes. Mr. F has a brake throught and thinks god is talking to his through his poop, because the end of the coil is pointing upwards. He has Hope scoop up all the poop and put it out in the picnic table for it to dry. His other daughter come to visit unexpected and is informed on the poop and just left. There is a couple other scenes in this section I left out, it's about Agusten and his 33 yearold lover/gardian and if you really want to know about it in detail read it yourself.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Tight-Fisted:kept together and accepted people for who they were.
Perfect:As in the ideal, they were talking about the ministers wife and how wonderful she was. p.80
Small:I think this is small in a good way because they don't need a big house between the two of the, especially becuase he goes to the Finches so much. p.81
Animals:It was in a good way, these people were behaving very politly but it was as if he thought they were animals and it just came as insticts. p.82
Normal:To his standard school wasn't nor because he didn't go and didn't have to go. p.85
Nerves:They meant feelings and how someone was getting mad with another. p.94
Four:In this context it was a rating for the good, 10 being the worst. (fight) p.97
Vent:To get out steem, or feelings. p.98
Projection:Also to get out steem, unwanted feelings. p.98
Section 1 Running With Scissors

This kid who was about 12 was watching her mom get ready to go out for an interview about her poem. Her mom was very beautiful and smart. I don't know how this came up but the narrator whos name I don't know yet love to go on air planes and wants to be a flight attendent when she grows up. She hates lint and wonders how it always appears on a clean shirt or random creveses. She loves shiny matalic objects, and when her mom leaves she usually wraps her dog (cream) in tin foil and walks him around the house. Dad was home though, doing his work in the basement. favorive fabric is polyester. Thinks of mom as a famous poet. (star) Likes opera, becuase when his(i found out this is a boy named Agusten) mom was pregnant she blasted it. When other kids were out getting dirty playing ball I was in my room polishing my jewelry. His mom wants to have a poem published by the Newyorker, and he thinks one will. She reads Agusten a poem and he says it's powerful and good enough for the n.yorker. Sick of the dog, all cream wants to do is sleep and doesn't want to play anymore. He loved to take the garbage to the dump with his dad, it was the only actual quality time they spen together. He loved the of the rotting milk and egg shells, and so did his dad. Dad was drinking that night and got into a fight with his mom. he got mad grabbed her by the neck, Agusten tried to stop the fight. Augusten's mother pushed his dad into the counter where he hit his head and wasn't moving. She said get up your scaring your son, as a pool of blood started to form around his head. He got up, very drunk and dilusional at this point and Agusten pleaded to his father not to kill his mother. His mom said he would rather see me do it myself and slit my own wrists. He started to cry and she told him it was just a figure of speech. They all parted and went to bed. The things he valued in life was clothe and jewelry. Didn't go to school very much at all. Repeated the 3rd grade twice. His mom started to see a psyciatrist on a regular basis now. They got a divorce and he moved away with his mom, because his dad didn't want him any way. Dr. Finch was who his mom was seeing for hours a day now, and I would sit in his office with his duaghter Hope who was 28, and was my new best friend. I had to move in with the Finches for a week or so because it wasn't safe for my mom to be in town, so she left with dr.F and I stayed with his wife Agnes,dauters Natilie, Vicky and Hope. N and V were very unlike me and I felt I had no control over what I did and didn't want to do. Vicky was 14 and traveled with her leagal gardians who were hippies. Natelie also traveled with her leagal gardian which was a rich guy who sent her to a private school. She was still as rotten and foul-mouthed as Vicky. This week was going to be hell but I sat and watched my mom walk out the door.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

E10 4

-----The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is make new friends and get good grades. When I'm done with those things I'll go to college with those friends and do the same there.
-----One goal for myself in my sophomore year is at least make the B honor roll so i can get a car when I turn 16 in december. That way I can drive and also get into college with good grades.