Sunday, September 30, 2007


Tight-Fisted:kept together and accepted people for who they were.
Perfect:As in the ideal, they were talking about the ministers wife and how wonderful she was. p.80
Small:I think this is small in a good way because they don't need a big house between the two of the, especially becuase he goes to the Finches so much. p.81
Animals:It was in a good way, these people were behaving very politly but it was as if he thought they were animals and it just came as insticts. p.82
Normal:To his standard school wasn't nor because he didn't go and didn't have to go. p.85
Nerves:They meant feelings and how someone was getting mad with another. p.94
Four:In this context it was a rating for the good, 10 being the worst. (fight) p.97
Vent:To get out steem, or feelings. p.98
Projection:Also to get out steem, unwanted feelings. p.98

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