Monday, December 3, 2007


This book so far has been about a girl named Dante Valentine. She is half human and half demon which makes her faster stronger and smarter than all humans. Her strenth is great, but would do her no good against Lucifer. She has a partner who is a full demon and his name is Japhrimel. He is a tall, golden skinned demon who wears a black Chinese-collared coat, he also had a twisting black-diamond flame aura, but you could only see it if you were a psion. (demon)
Japh lives with Dante and they are kind of "together" and he keeps getting her wild unamaginable gifts that just make her melt. They only have to sleep like once every three day and when they go to sleep Dante wakes up and Japh is gone. She starts to feel weak, her tattoo on her cheek starts to glow green and she is visited by a demon, then left unharmed not knowing what happened. Japh returns, she is mad at him for leaving her when she is sleeping because he's usually there when she wakes. Japh tells her that he was called upon by Lucifer and that they need to go see him. They go to this little town that I had mentioned in my 1st blog and they get on a plane. . .
. . . That's where I'm at.

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