Thursday, December 6, 2007


Since I last responded Dante and Japh have made their way off the plane and into a werehouse where they are supposed to be escourted to hell. Instead lucifer and a couple of his fellow demons are allready there waiting for them. Lucifer says that he wants Dante to be his right hand and she is appualed becuase she is only half demon what could she possibly do for the devil himself. He told her that there has been four demons that have escaped from hell and while he is taking care of the others that she finds and captures the remaining four and bring them to hell. He also says that Japh is now free from protecting her, but he doesn't want to be because they are in love. Lucifer says it would be okay if he helps her afterall. Japh and Dante leave scared of what lies ahead not knowing what could happen trying to capture these renegade demons, and what they're capable of.

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