Sunday, September 30, 2007

Section 1 Running With Scissors

This kid who was about 12 was watching her mom get ready to go out for an interview about her poem. Her mom was very beautiful and smart. I don't know how this came up but the narrator whos name I don't know yet love to go on air planes and wants to be a flight attendent when she grows up. She hates lint and wonders how it always appears on a clean shirt or random creveses. She loves shiny matalic objects, and when her mom leaves she usually wraps her dog (cream) in tin foil and walks him around the house. Dad was home though, doing his work in the basement. favorive fabric is polyester. Thinks of mom as a famous poet. (star) Likes opera, becuase when his(i found out this is a boy named Agusten) mom was pregnant she blasted it. When other kids were out getting dirty playing ball I was in my room polishing my jewelry. His mom wants to have a poem published by the Newyorker, and he thinks one will. She reads Agusten a poem and he says it's powerful and good enough for the n.yorker. Sick of the dog, all cream wants to do is sleep and doesn't want to play anymore. He loved to take the garbage to the dump with his dad, it was the only actual quality time they spen together. He loved the of the rotting milk and egg shells, and so did his dad. Dad was drinking that night and got into a fight with his mom. he got mad grabbed her by the neck, Agusten tried to stop the fight. Augusten's mother pushed his dad into the counter where he hit his head and wasn't moving. She said get up your scaring your son, as a pool of blood started to form around his head. He got up, very drunk and dilusional at this point and Agusten pleaded to his father not to kill his mother. His mom said he would rather see me do it myself and slit my own wrists. He started to cry and she told him it was just a figure of speech. They all parted and went to bed. The things he valued in life was clothe and jewelry. Didn't go to school very much at all. Repeated the 3rd grade twice. His mom started to see a psyciatrist on a regular basis now. They got a divorce and he moved away with his mom, because his dad didn't want him any way. Dr. Finch was who his mom was seeing for hours a day now, and I would sit in his office with his duaghter Hope who was 28, and was my new best friend. I had to move in with the Finches for a week or so because it wasn't safe for my mom to be in town, so she left with dr.F and I stayed with his wife Agnes,dauters Natilie, Vicky and Hope. N and V were very unlike me and I felt I had no control over what I did and didn't want to do. Vicky was 14 and traveled with her leagal gardians who were hippies. Natelie also traveled with her leagal gardian which was a rich guy who sent her to a private school. She was still as rotten and foul-mouthed as Vicky. This week was going to be hell but I sat and watched my mom walk out the door.

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